Challenges facing physician groups


Taxing admin tasks

With the continual growth of payer portals and EHR systems, running a physician group has grown more complex. Mundane administrative tasks are eating more and more of your time.


Poor cost to collect

A more challenging world of healthcare operations and an increase in patient volume has resulted in a cost to collect that's stagnant around $3 per most experts. And even worse — cost to collect is rising for some physician groups.


Breaking bots

When your automation is based on brittle RPA, any snag in the system can shut down processes. Forrester found that for every dollar spent on RPA, an additional $3.41 is spent on consulting resources.


Less time for care

All of this additional work means you have less time for providing patient care, creating billable revenue, improving the overall patient experience, and focusing on patient retention.

How AKASA helps physician groups

Streamline workflows

Juggling high volumes while focusing on growth and acquisition? We can help. Our AI-based automation works with any existing technology, no matter how custom. We're vendor-agnostic. Automate processes like eligibility, claims status, and more, and get back to running the practice.

Improve cost to collect

We automate the busy work, freeing you to attend to high priority denials and collections efforts. By reducing the administrative burden, you can see patients faster and collect revenue faster.

Enjoy powerful automation

AKASA expands what's possible with RPA by layering on leading-edge AI and machine learning, plus an expert-in-the-loop. This expands the capabilities of automation to take on far more complex work at scale.

Focus on patients

With automation, you can do more with less — particularly during staffing shortages. Concentrate your efforts on the one place it matters most: your patients.


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Saving time for an ophthalmology center

Case Study

Houston Eye Associates (HEA) was overwhelmed by volume growth and productivity was down. They brought in AKASA to help streamline their revenue cycle.

case study

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