Building the future of healthcare with AI

AKASA uses leading-edge AI to help the healthcare industry reduce operating costs, so they can allocate resources where they matter most.

Our Platform

AKASA's technology is purpose-built for healthcare. It starts with computer vision-based RPA and is enhanced with machine learning and an expert-in-the-loop for robust automation.


Our Solutions

AKASA helps healthcare organizations improve operations, including revenue cycle, to drive revenue, create efficiencies, and enhance the patient experience.

The leading developer of AI for healthcare operations

We enable human health.

The healthcare industry is complex and challenging for patients and the organizations that serve them. Existing solutions often lack efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and scalability.

It’s time to optimize operations holistically to improve the healthcare experience for all. AKASA can help.

Step into the future of healthcare with AKASA

Think of our technology as a team of virtual full-time employees. It’s driven by a unique combination of RPA, AI, ML, and our experts-in-the-loop.


Introducing Unified Automation®

Proprietary Software Observes

Our Worklogger™ tool remotely observes how your team completes tasks. Our team then labels that data and feeds it into the automation to provide a view of current workflows and processes.

AI Performs

The AI then learns how to do those same tasks autonomously and efficiently. It sits upstream in your work queue, assigns itself applicable tasks, and works them — without any disruption to your staff.

Revenue Cycle Expertise Ensures

The system automatically flags our team of revenue cycle experts to handle exceptions and outliers, training the AI in real-time as they work. With continuous learning, Unified Automation gets smarter and more efficient over time and the work always gets done.

Improving healthcare technology with AKASA

78% of health systems are using or implementing revenue cycle automation

Automation is now mission-critical for driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness in healthcare operations.


client net patient revenue


hospitals and 8k outpatient facilities, across 50 states, make up our customer base


of employees say AKASA is a great place to work

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

We have been impressed with the AKASA team’s expertise. They were able to deploy quickly and we’ve seen the system adjust to process changes in real-time. We’ve also had significant improvements in our operations.

Jeff Francis   Vice President and CFO

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