Purpose-built for healthcare

As you're working to maintain cash flow, streamline collections, and ensure patient satisfaction, you're also battling rigid technology, churning staff, and evolving payer and compliance protocols. Running healthcare organizations isn't easy. Especially when it comes to the revenue cycle. That's why you need AKASA. As the leading developer of AI for healthcare operations, our advanced solutions provide the helping hand you need.

Build the revenue cycle of the future


Automate complex tasks

AKASA's powerful automation allows you to complete more nuanced work at scale, such as initiating prior authorizations and resolving denials.


Capture more revenue faster

Our comprehensive approach allows you to better manage claims, reduce denials, and accelerate payment, while also increasing accuracy.


Prioritize your people

By automating the revenue cycle, AKASA frees your staff to focus on the most critical activities for your patients and organization.

Extensive RCM solutions

From the front desk to the back office

Eligibility. Authorization. Denials. AKASA delivers comprehensive solutions to solve the inherent complexities across the revenue cycle.


Streamline your patient financial clearance workflows

An efficient revenue cycle is heavily dependent on accurate front-end workflows. AKASA can help ensure correctness with automated eligibility and authorization solutions.


Improve claims processing and denials management

Our solutions are built for efficiency, accuracy, and resiliency. They can help you solve for complex, nuanced processes in the revenue cycle business office. With AI and RCM experts-in-the-loop, we help you accelerate claims resolution and recover more revenue.

Rethink your revenue cycle


When you collaborate with AKASA, you’ll get automation that is intelligent, dynamic, and supports your unique workflows and priorities. Find out more about our Unified Automation® platform.


Improve operations  with powerful automation

Get peace of mind with AKASA

Healthcare leaders at organizations of all sizes and specialties are turning to AKASA and AI-driven automation to make their processes more efficient.


Optimize your revenue cycle to address burnout and thin margins

Hospitals and health systems work with AKASA to streamline operations and accelerate reimbursement.


Reduce administrative burdens with automation

Physician groups work with AKASA to deliver a better patient experience and outsource the increasingly-complex administrative side of healthcare.


Rely on automation for high-volume services

Specialty providers work with AKASA so they can freely focus on their practice, not on billing. Help your patients, and we'll handle the administrative burden.


Do more with less through automation

RCM service providers work with AKASA so they can take on larger client loads, offer more solutions, and streamline tasks. We'll help you better serve your clients. It's a win-win.