Top revenue cycle challenges

According to healthcare leaders

We asked 400+ chief financial officers and revenue cycle leaders about their biggest struggles in revenue cycle operations. Denials management (including attachments), prior authorization, claim follow-up, and coding were at the top of the list. These are the challenges AKASA is addressing with our revenue cycle solutions.

The AKASA revenue cycle solutions


Enhance prior authorization by empowering your patient access team with a GenAI assistant that helps them complete a higher volume per day with less effort.

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Medical Coding

Achieve unprecedented coding comprehensiveness, transparency, accuracy, and efficiency with GenAI-powered coding recommendations trained on your data.

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Claim Attachment

Simplify solicited doc submission to payers with automation powered by GenAI — helping resolve them more efficiently, reduce payment delays, and lower denials.

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Claim Status

Obtain up-to-date status info for submitted claims automatically, alleviating the burden on staff, speeding up claim resolution, and preventing reimbursement delays.

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I’ve worked in the revenue cycle for more than twenty years and things aren’t getting better. Technology is the only way forward. And we’re not talking basic macros and brittle RPA anymore. We’re talking generative AI — trained on your data, pulling information from patient records, and making intelligent suggestions within your workflows. For the first time ever, we have technology that looks at both the clinical AND financial records of a patient — and understands the connections. This new wave of solutions is revolutionary. It’s eliminating silos, making revenue cycle teams smarter, and empowering them to work more efficiently and effectively. Patient access teams can work further out. Coding teams can handle more complex encounters. Billing teams can make time to advise patients. It creates the breathing room that’s so hard to come by in this industry. Plus, organizations can decrease write-offs, improve margins, and serve their patients better. Everyone wins.

Amy Raymond   SVP of Revenue Cycle Operations and Deployments

The AKASA Platform

Superpowers for your revenue cycle

Our platform integrates advanced generative AI with our deep revenue cycle expertise. By training our models on clinical data, we’re bringing you accuracy, speed, and completeness. And driving more revenue for your organization.