Leading revenue cycle technology

Using our healthcare, revenue cycle, and Silicon Valley engineering expertise, we’re the first company to thoughtfully leverage generative AI (GenAI) in our platform to solve practical revenue cycle problems.

The revenue cycle is complex. It’s based on highly manual and time-consuming tasks. We’ve needed more advanced technology that really understands this niche area of healthcare. That’s generative AI. It can unlock clinical data (like chart records) that were previously opaque to computers. We're using this technology to power our platform and solutions. The more we can solve the problems of the revenue cycle, the more health systems can focus on what really matters: helping patients.

Varun Ganapathi, Ph.D.   CTO and Co-founder at AKASA

The components of the AKASA Platform

Generative AI

The AKASA Platform is powered by recent innovations like GenAI and large language models (LLMs). We’ve developed healthcare-specific models by training them on clinical and financial data — 43 million clinical documents and counting. We're also helping health systems create their own tailored models, fine-tuned on their own data.


Our deep revenue cycle expertise is at the core of the AKASA Platform. Our in-house team of RCM experts has an average of 15+ years of industry experience, and informs how we interpret our data and build our technology. They can work with our AI-powered automation to remove entire workflows from your plate. Or we can put our technology into your experts' hands — allowing them to perform tasks more efficiently.


The AKASA Platform seamlessly integrates with clinical data repositories like EHRs through standards-based integrations — whether via an API, EDI, or other means.


We provide robust and configurable production reports to track the work. Review partner benchmarking to measure performance against peer organizations using AKASA. Enjoy expert guidance through regular touchpoints with your dedicated account manager.


We understand your concern and caution about sharing sensitive data. Our HIPAA-compliant security infrastructure is built on a foundation of the highest industry standards. AKASA is SOC 2, NIST-800-53, and CIS certified.