A better way to resolve payer documentation requests

Claim Attachment Automation

We'll select relevant solicited documentation, match them to claims leveraging our advanced AI technology and RCM experts, and submit them through payer portals for you. Your staff won’t need to manually review documentation. AKASA does the work for you.

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How Claim Attachment Automation works

Our automation identifies, retrieves, and uploads supporting documentation as required by payers for claim adjudication, and then posts the proof of submission in your EHR.

Our AI proactively identifies requests for additional documentation via claim status responses and remittance advices. It works accounts daily to prevent growing queues and enable faster response to payer documentation requests.

We use generative AI to select the correct supplemental documentation and match it to payer requests. Our processes support both the Epic ROI and Cerner Report Request modules. If required attachments aren’t available, it routes claims to relevant work queues for your staff to review.

We then submit solicited attachments, such as medical records and itemized bills, electronically via payer portals. After that submission, we add a note in the client's EHR with the confirmation number, documents uploaded, and other relevant information, so they know exactly what was done. We also progress the account through the workflow in the EHR, such as adding "complete" to the item in the queue.

Why Claim Attachment Automation

Resolve payer requests

Promptly respond to payer documentation requests by using our technology and RCM experts to select relevant supplemental materials and match it to claims.

Reduce payment delays

Work accounts daily to prevent growing queues and enable faster response to payer documentation requests compared to staff following a manual process or using a SaaS-based tool.

Lower denials rate

Prevent the possibility of a denial due to lack of documentation by ensuring responses to payer requests contain relevant documentation and are uploaded to payer portals.

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