Business office challenges


Workforce woes

In a recent AKASA survey, healthcare leaders said the competitive market for talent is the biggest challenge impacting operations right now.


Tedious denials

Preventable denials still occur. Re-working claims, including phone calls, investigative work, and appeals, can be time-consuming for revenue cycle teams.


Poor visibility

Leaders often don't have detailed insights about operations at the task level. This makes it difficult to staff appropriately around the most value-generating areas of operations.


Changing rules

Payer requirements, portals, and reimbursement methods are updated often. This makes it difficult to streamline the business office, as many existing tools are prone to breaking when changes occur.


Upgrade your back office

We can improve your claims and denials workflows with our platform built for efficiency, accuracy, and resiliency. It solves for complex, nuanced processes in the revenue cycle business office. Our unique machine learning and expert-in-the-loop processes help you maximize reimbursement and minimize denials — so your team can pivot to more important tasks, and you can get back to running your operations.

Dynamic solutions for the business office

Your staff can tackle more challenging appeals and denials, while AI completes time-consuming tasks. Our automation fits in most workflows, leaving no concern about payer or portal updates. If an edge case occurs, our experts step in to ensure tasks get completed.







Business office products

Comprehensive Claim Status_small
Claim Status

Speed up claim resolution by automatically obtaining up-to-date status info for submitted claims.

Eligibility Denials Resolution

Increase recovery and improve A/R days by quickly fixing eligibility errors and rebilling payers.

Claim Attachment Resolution

Expedite claims processing by accurately identifying, retrieving, and submitting solicited documentation to payers.

Trust and security

Keeping your data safe

We understand your concern and caution about sharing sensitive data. As a HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST- and SOC 2-certified company, we protect your data at all costs, using infrastructure built on HITRUST and beyond.


Claims status has been automated to the point that what used to take over seven minutes to determine is now down to a minute. The result has been an increase in yield, which is up by at least 1% on gross revenue of $3 billion.

Jeff Francis   Vice President and CFO, Methodist Health System


decreased days in A/R for Montage Health

Find out how AKASA can improve your metrics.

Driving claim status efficiency with AI-based automation

Case study

Montage Health knew automation would be necessary to drive revenue cycle efficiency. They worked with AKASA to automate claim status follow-up workflow, saving the organization time, delivering insights faster, and reducing the likelihood of claims hitting timely filing deadlines.

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Patient access

Our front office automation solutions help providers improve financial clearance, elevate patient experience, and prevent downstream denials.

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