Our mission

At AKASA, we're building the future of healthcare with AI.

Solving healthcare pain points


America offers some of the best healthcare in the world. Yet, our healthcare system is challenged by high administrative costs that burden patients, providers, and payers with unnecessary expenses. The four AKASA founders came together to address those challenges. Our approach uses advanced generative AI technology to improve some of the most pressing financial pain points in the revenue cycle. That gives health systems the ability to focus on what really matters: helping patients. This is the foundation of AKASA.


What does AKASA do?

  • Integrate our proprietary generative AI (GenAI) technology and deep revenue cycle expertise to deliver impactful revenue cycle solutions
  • Provide AI assistants to empower revenue cycle teams to work better and faster
  • Automate complex revenue cycle workflows with the latest in GenAI technology
  • Help healthcare organizations improve revenue outcomes, achieve greater efficiency, empower staff, and allocate resources where they matter most

of health systems are actively considering the use of GenAI in the revenue cycle

Source: AKASA survey

Our people have outstanding experience


Top tech talent meets healthcare expertise

We've brought together a unique team of the best Silicon Valley engineers and healthcare industry veterans to solve the challenges of the revenue cycle in new ways.

Come work with us

Everyone is welcome.

AKASA embraces a work-from-anywhere attitude. We take a mindful approach to building a culture that is flexible, diverse, and inclusive.

  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO)
  • Expansive coverage for health, dental, and vision
  • Employer contribution to Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Full employee coverage for life insurance
  • Company-paid holidays
  • 401(K) plan

What does AKASA mean?

Akasa is a Sanskrit word for sky, space, or aether. In medieval science, there were four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Akasa was the proposed “5th element” that explained natural phenomena like light and gravity. In healthcare, there are also four fundamental elements, known as “the four Ps”: patients, providers, payers, and pharma. AKASA is the “5th element” that unites them and the overall financial infrastructure of our industry