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Our machine learning models and backend systems automate the most costly and time-consuming human tasks in healthcare operations. And our customers rely on us to be correct every time. The invisible plumbing of healthcare is extremely complex, but it has an immense impact on human health, and we’re automating it bit by bit. Hospitals across the country run our code in production every day. And this is just the beginning.


Our team

machine learning

Machine learning

Productizing R&D to learn complex tasks from human experts.


Core platform

Building the platform that can be used to automate any task on a computer.



Delivering full-service automation solutions for our clients.

AKASA is enabling human health

We are the leading developer of AI for healthcare operations.

AKASA scales human intelligence with leading-edge AI and ML securely trained on customer data to learn unique systems, continuously adapt to changing environments, and deliver comprehensive automation and analytics for complex workflows. The result is a seamlessly integrated, customized solution that reduces operating costs, frees up staff to do the work they love, and helps health systems allocate resources to where they matter most.


AKASA is hiring

The engineering team embraces a work-from-anywhere attitude, where everyone is welcome.

Technology talent at AKASA

AKASA caught my eye because I’ve always been interested in healthcare. I wanted to work for a company that I thought was going to make a positive impact on the healthcare system for the future.

Krista   Software Engineer

Engineering videos

Published Research

employee using pen to touch folders on screens

Pushing the Limits of Medical Codes Prediction from Clinical Notes by Machines

Accepted to MLHC 2021


Payer Response Prediction from Claims Date With Deep Learning

Accepted to ICML2020