Challenges facing specialty providers


Lost revenue

As a referral-based specialist, you operate in a high-volume area with a complex claims system. Focusing on highest dollar accounts is crucial. But what about revenue slipping through the cracks?


Admin tasks

You didn't become a specialist to spend your time on administrative work. Your patients rely on your expertise for essential, specialized care. Mundane tasks take away time from what matters most.


Complex systems

Blends of homegrown technology, third-party organizations, and people result in difficult workflows, further increasing both time spent on billing and lost revenue.

How AKASA helps specialty providers

Keep up with claims

Focusing on only the highest dollar accounts is a thing of the past. By automating much of the billing side, you can more efficiently work through every claim — capturing more revenue for your organization.

Prioritize critical tasks

With automation driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, you'll drive more value, faster. Automation doesn’t take a break, and with AKASA, the work always gets done. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on providing outstanding, specialized care.

Improve homegrown tech

Our tailor-built automation is vendor-agnostic and works with most systems and processes — including your homegrown, multi-layered system. This allows you to use what you're comfortable with, to greater effect.


of available payer volume worked for HEA

Learn how AKASA can improve your workflows

Saving time for an ophthalmology center

Case study

Houston Eye Associates (HEA) was overwhelmed by volume growth and productivity was down. They brought in AKASA to help streamline their revenue cycle and effectively manage the workload increase.

case study

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