Challenges facing RCM service providers


Ongoing labor shortages

A larger client base is at your fingertips. But with too few hands available, you're unable to do the work as quickly as you'd like, making growth difficult.


Automation growth

To stay competitive in the RCM vendor market, offering innovative automation solutions is a must. Otherwise, you risk falling behind and delivering a subpar experience.


Technology is an afterthought

You're the best of the best at tackling the healthcare revenue cycle. But automation technology is typically outside your team's core skillset. This creates less than optimal results.

How AKASA helps RCM service providers

Overcome workforce challenges

As an RCM vendor, your business relies on a growing client base and profitable model. Our leading-edge technology makes it possible to do more with less. We'll automate the time-consuming tasks while your team tackles the more complex ones.

Differentiate with unique automation

Automation allows you to stay competitive and serve more clients. Unlike many offerings, our innovative technology allows you to set yourself apart with scaleable, tailor-built solutions that fit into any system or workflow, regardless of bolt-on functionality.

Employ tech that scales

Your company and clients deserve automation that isn't an afterthought. It should be purpose-built to fit your organization and serve your clients — even as you grow. AKASA's automation will make your workflows more efficient, adapting as you change and expand.

AKASA stands out so much from other solutions that I’ve seen. We’re trying to get AKASA pushed further into our organization, because they do so much more in terms of automation. We’ve had a really great experience, and anyone who sees what this technology can do for us has been very impressed.

Melissa Huston   Director of Solutions Support, MediRevv


claims cleared per month for MediRevv

Learn how AKASA can help drive growth

Bringing in AI to improve automation 

Case study

MediRevv, an RCM outsourcing vendor, needed to clear a claim status backlog, improve efficiencies, and drive revenue for a hospital. AKASA helped deliver the best experience possible for their client.

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