Challenges facing hospitals and health systems

work force

Workforce challenges

Today's biggest staffing obstacles in healthcare operations include the competition for talent, staff burnout, and rapid turnover, according to a recent AKASA survey of healthcare leaders.


Complex processes

With regular changes to payer rules, reimbursement processes, compliance protocols, and portals, healthcare operations is taxing for teams to efficiently and successfully navigate.


Razor-thin margins

Operating costs are increasing and margins are getting tighter. You're expected to improve revenue while also creating a better patient experience and optimizing recruiting and retention.

How AKASA helps hospitals and health systems

Prioritize staff

Your staff is likely overwhelmed. By automating parts of your operations with modern machine learning, you're cutting out the manual and time-consuming tasks and allowing them to focus on creating a better patient experience.

Streamline tasks

Our tailor-built automation fits in virtually any workflow and system — EHR, PM, PAS. This takes manual, repetitive tasks out of your team's queue, giving them the bandwidth they need to focus on more complex, high-value tasks that require a human touch.

Capture more revenue

With automation, you can reduce denials and underpayments, maximize reimbursements, and give staff time to focus on the patient experience. And best of all — you can do this with the same team you have. Do more with the limited resources you're given.

We have been impressed with the AKASA team’s expertise. They were able to deploy quickly, and we’ve seen the system adjust to process changes in real-time. We’ve also had significant improvements in our operations.

Jeff Francis   Vice President and CFO, Methodist Health System


of accounts removed from MHS staff queues

Learn how AKASA can help improve your workflows

Overcoming high volumes, while stabilizing cost to collect

Case study

Methodist Health System (MHS) needed to manage an increase in volume without suffering a negative impact on cost to collect. AKASA automated revenue cycle tasks, allowing them to shift resources from insurance follow-up activities to other revenue cycle functions.

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