Why is measuring RCM automation ROI so challenging?

Healthcare providers often struggle with assessing investments in automation technology. Why? They lack a framework.

This report from the Health Management Academy and AKASA provides guidance for leading health systems on measuring the holistic impact of automation and AI in RCM. The goal: Help leaders evaluate the Total Value of their automation efforts, including both hard and soft return on investment (ROI) metrics, so they can make more informed technology decisions.

The research captures perspectives from finance and revenue cycle leaders across 40 unique health systems with over $2 billion in total operating revenue.

Key takeaways discussed in this report:
  • Implementation of automation and AI for revenue cycle management is increasing due to market needs and a promising ROI.
  • Current ROI measures used by health systems don’t reflect the full impact of automation, AI for RCM.
  • Health systems should measure Total Value to capture the full impact of automation, AI for RCM.

You need both [hard and soft ROI] to tell the whole story and to have a good understanding of the impact beyond the rev cycle. [Value] gives a better picture.

VP of Revenue Cycle   Leading Health System