New Productivity Benchmarks for
the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

How Much Time Does It Take?
Setting Standards For
Revenue Staff


About 84% of healthcare revenue cycle teams use productivity standards or quotas to meet goals. Yet until now the majority of revenue cycle tasks have not been fully measured and benchmarked.

New Productivity Benchmarks for the Healthcare Revenue Cycle is a 6-page report from AKASA. It shares first-of-its-kind data from AKASA’s proprietary technology to help establish useful time-per-task industry benchmarks and provide valuable insights for the healthcare revenue cycle industry.

Benchmark Your Staff

Did You Know?
How long does it take a revenue cycle team member
to process an average claim edit?

6 minutes and 4 seconds


1 minutes and 25 seconds


What benchmarks are included in this report?

The “New Productivity Benchmarks for the Healthcare Revenue Cycle” report includes specific benchmarks for common revenue cycle tasks.

While AKASA has data for a far greater number of tasks than published in this report, we focused on the tasks that would be the most informative to revenue cycle leaders as they plan to resource and staff their operations.

Get time-per-task industry benchmarks across:

  • Financial clearance
  • Billing
  • Insurance follow up
  • Denials

Insights from hundreds of millions of tasks

AKASA works with hospital, health systems in all 50 states to automate revenue cycle functions. Our proprietary software documents hundreds of millions of instances of computer-based tasks that staff perform manually within EHRs and billing systems. This provides insights for our customers into where their staff spends their time and what baseline costs are involved.

The average time-per-task in this report is calculated based on a minimum of 1,000 videos for each task category, and in some cases tens of thousands of videos.

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