Protecting Yourself From Employment Scams and Phishing

Phishing scams are increasingly common, particularly in the recruiting world. A scammer may create a fake job ad and impersonate a company’s human resources representative, recruiter, manager, etc.


The FBI recently released a warning about these scams:

“They promise you a job, but what they want is your money and your personal information.”

Phishing Scams Targeting AKASA Career Opportunities and How to Report Them

To ensure that a job offer or solicitation from AKASA is legitimate, keep in mind:

  • AKASA doesn’t use instant messaging or texting to contact prospective employees initially.
  • All interviews with AKASA are conducted by phone or via Zoom, never by email.
  • We never ask prospective employees to send personal information as part of our recruiting (unless for a non-disclosure agreement later on in the process).
  • Prospective employees will never incur fees for applying, interviewing, or purchasing equipment.
  • All emails should come from AKASA employees, with an email domain.
  • All legitimate AKASA job offers are made over the phone, never by email.

Here’s an example of a phishing email from a scammer pretending to be an AKASA employee.

example of AKASA job phishing email from HR impersonator

Some of the red flags in this communication include:

  • It’s an interview conducted via email
  • The name of the company is listed as Akasa Tech, not AKASA
  • The sender’s email is, not
  • There are multiple typos, plus odd phrasing and sentence structure

Please ensure you verify all communication before sending any sensitive information. If you receive any suspicious messages, they should be ignored and reported.

If you believe you have been the victim of a recruiting scam, fill out a complaint form at or email [email protected] for any fraud or abuse related to AKASA specifically.

Official AKASA Jobs

AKASA career opportunities are typically available at:

If you’re unsure if an AKASA job is legitimate, see if it’s on the AKASA careers page.

For more information on fake jobs and how to protect yourself, visit the FBI website.