Team engagement needs to be your number one priority right now

Healthcare leaders are continuously citing staffing as their biggest operational challenge right now. It’s not easy finding and retaining revenue cycle talent. That’s why you need to prioritize engagement.

An engaged employee is more productive, profitable, and less likely to leave your organization. Focusing on overall employee engagement makes people want to work for you. But driving engagement isn’t easy. This is why our team of RCM experts pooled their knowledge to create this ebook filled with real-world, actionable tips on driving engagement within the rev cycle

Create an engaged workplace with tips on:
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Offering better training
  • Creating employee growth paths
  • Building trust with your team
  • Providing recognition
  • Leveraging automation to support your team

Healthcare operations is very mission-driven, like other aspects of healthcare. But, you often hear members of healthcare ops say, 'I'm not a clinician, but…' While healthcare ops may not be clinician work, it's vital to healthcare as a whole. It's important to drive engagement within your workforce and remind your team that their work is mission-critical, and ultimately tied to the success of the healthcare organization and the health of the patients.

Amy Raymond   VP of Revenue Cycle Operations at AKASA