Find the RCM automation solution that fits your needs

Automation in the healthcare revenue cycle has transitioned from an aspirational ‘nice to have’ to mission critical for driving efficiency and cost effectiveness for providers. This buyer’s guide provides a comprehensive look at considerations for purchasing and deploying effective automation solutions within the rev cycle.

Learn what it takes to find the right automation:
  • Measuring the total cost of ownership for automation solutions
  • Ensuring transparent pricing is tied to meaningful business results
  • Understanding the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in automation
  • Considering plans for security and compliance

The opportunity going forward for provider organizations is to expand their ambitions and scope for automation. Instead of identifying dozens of small, discrete use-cases and never getting past the first few due to high setup and maintenance costs, it’s now time to take a more comprehensive approach. It's time to move towards foundational end-to-end automation for entire functions will drive giant leaps in efficiency.

Malinka Walaliyadde   CEO and co-founder of AKASA