Your Prior Authorization Success Kit includes:

Ebook | Stop Wasting Time on Prior Authorization

Video | Authorization Management demo

Brochure | Authorization Management

The 3 Most Important Prior Authorization Processes to Automate

How Automation Can Address the Challenges of Prior Authorization

Report | Solving Today's Greatest RCM Staffing Challenges

Can your prior auth workflow be improved?

Every second counts in the revenue cycle, and prior auth is consuming too much time as it is. It’s time to fix this problem and make prior authorization workflows more efficient.

Amy Raymond   VP of Revenue Cycle Operations at AKASA

AKASA Authorization Management

Auth Determination & Initiation

Determine if prior auth is required and submit a request along with additional diagnosis and procedure codes and any required medical records. Ensure prior auth requests are thorough and accurate to improve turnaround time

Auth Status Checks

Obtain well-timed auth statuses via payer portals and return detailed information in your EMR to drive follow-up workflows. Ease staff burden and frustrations from tedious status checks

Inpatient Notifications

Notify payers of inpatient admissions, attach medical records as required, and document the notification in your EHR. Minimize reimbursement issues with timely notice of admissions (NOA)

Our automation holistically automates prior authorizations for providers.