Connecting the
Dots of RCM

A combination of technology and human expertise, our “Observe. Learn. Perform.” approach allows you to refocus energy on better patient experiences.


We get a 360-degree view of your RCM processes. Our proprietary software gathers multi-modal data to capture work variations

  • Captures current workflows
  • Analyzes complex data
  • Far exceeds process documentation possible by people
  • Documents all processes quickly, enabling average deployment times of 90 days or less
  • HealthSystemsRCMProduction
  • HealthSystemsRCMTasks

What It’s Not: A consultant shadowing your team for a week, capturing a limited subset of activities.


Our team discretizes the data to train our machine-learning algorithm. Our algorithms then automatically construct complex flows that would be impossible to script by hand. Our model also identifies broken workflows and corrects them, often eliminating unnecessary work.

  • Multiple methods of automation developed via observation of retrospective or prospective user actions
  • Analysis of historical data allows for development of entirely new flows to eliminate unnecessary work
  • AKASATestingResults
  • Payer-and-plan
  • Distribution of test accounts

What It’s Not: Brittle rules painfully scripted one by one using macro builders.


Our solution works 24/7 using the learned functions from your staff and automates full tasks and functions, quickly taking on new tasks over time. There’s no disruption to staff, no new software for your team to learn. If complexities arise, our inhouse team of RCM experts are notified to triage the problem and resolve in real-time while our solution learns from the actions they take. Your RCM operations continue uninterrupted. Continuous learning is built in, providing you with peace of mind, always.

  • Self-assign accounts within billing and RCM systems
  • Complete entire tasks, fully removing them from your staff’s work queues
  • Achieve antifragility with our unique approach
  • We identify opportunities to fix errors upstream and prevent unnecessary rework
  • HowUnifiedAutoWorks

What It’s Not: Identifying broken bots weeks afterward. Putting the onus on you to fix breaks or pay consulting fees to correct. Leaving you stuck operating for a quarter or more with bad information.