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How Authorization Advisor works

Efficiently extracts key info from your EHR and presents it in an interactive browser sidebar

Intelligently suggests relevant clinical documentation using powerful GenAI

Seamlessly supports any payer portal or service line, and most EHRs

Deciding between faster or better work? Why not both?


Saves as much as 50% of time spent per auth, up to 10 minutes


Empowers staff to find 15% more relevant docs than staff alone in auth requests

3 Ways the AKASA Authorization Advisor Can Help Your RCM Team

I’ve been using Authorization Advisor to submit auths and it’s spectacular. It does the heavy lifting of reviewing and presenting the documents I need to complete the auth. Plus, it brings patient information right to the payer portal, right into my workflow. No more jumping back and forth between the EHR and portal or worrying about screens freezing and losing all my work. Authorization Advisor has saved me so much time. I wish this tool existed years ago.

  Authorization Advisor user

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