Revenue Cycle Operations – Automate What Matters Most to Your Organization

Revenue cycle leaders are on a mission to be better stewards of the healthcare dollar. They recognize the ever-increasing demands on their team brought on by a highly dynamic and complex reimbursement environment. But where to start?

At AKASA, we’ve developed Unified Automation™ — a single solution to automate and simplify revenue cycle management. Join the AKASA team to learn how to identify areas within revenue cycle operations that can be automated for maximum results. We will share insights from health systems that are leveraging Unified Automation™ to reduce waste throughout the revenue cycle process.

Key Learning:

  • What to consider when exploring automation for your revenue cycle operations
  • How to identifying areas within your organization that will see immediate benefits from automation
  • Case studies looking at how health systems are creating value in specific areas of revenue cycle operations operations allowing them to shift resources from insurance follow-up activities to other, more complex revenue cycle functions