Our Solution

Unified Automation™

An Antifragile Solution for
an Ever-Changing Industry

Our Approach

Observe. Learn. Perform.

Unified Automation™ observes actions, learns them, and performs them faster and more accurately than people. Unified Automation™ is particularly well suited to healthcare RCM because it is antifragile, which extends beyond simple resilience or robustness. Resilient systems resist variance and disorder and stay the same; an antifragile system thrives and improves as a result of that same variance and disorder. Combined with the expertise of our revenue cycle operations analysts, Unified Automation™ delivers unparalleled efficiency in RCM.

AKASA’s proprietary Unified Automation™ software technology operates within a healthcare systems’ existing electronic health record (EHR) and medical billing infrastructure. The solution consists of three distinct parts that work together seamlessly.



Proprietary technology captures multimodal data to provide a 360-degree view of current workflows and processes.



Our team discretizes this data to train our machine-learning algorithm. Our algorithms then automatically construct complex flows that would be impossible to script by hand. Our model also identifies broken workflows and corrects them, often eliminating unnecessary work.



Finally, the system gets to work, autonomously performing tasks within the revenue cycle function 24/7. It automates full functions and quickly takes on new tasks over time. If complexities or exceptions arise, AKASA’s teleops team of RCM experts are notified to triage the problem and resolve it in real-time while the system learns from their actions. Continuous learning and human judgement are built in, providing peace of mind.

Combined with the expertise of our revenue cycle teleops team, Unified Automation™ delivers unparalleled efficiency in RCM.


We’re Serious About Security

Your trust matters to us and we’ll never risk your confidence. AKASA is secure by design. Our technology works within our customers’ existing ecosystems, abiding by their controls and creating audit trails in their systems. In fact, we capture records of every action our technology takes, so we not only ensure we stay compliant, we can enhance your team’s compliance as well.