AKASA Medical Coding

What if your coding team could analyze every clinical document, every time? Now, they can. AKASA Medical Coding puts the power of generative AI (GenAI) into your coders' hands, relieving them from laborious tasks and elevating them into high-performing validators. The advanced technology is trained on your data to provide comprehensive coding recommendations. Address multiple service lines simultaneously, within your most complex inpatient settings. Health systems can fully code encounters prior to coder review or identify opportunities after the coder takes the initial pass. Either way, our solution helps drive accurate coding, improve quality measures, and achieve appropriate revenue at a lower cost.

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How AKASA Medical Coding works

Here are some of the unique AI-driven features that make our medical coding solutions innovative, transparent, and user-friendly. Step into a new era of coding, with abilities you won't find elsewhere.

Identifies and rapidly combs through every relevant clinical document (clinical notes, imaging notes, clinical observations, and more) for every encounter, delivering the needed information to coders and minimizing switching between systems.

Our AI isn’t a black box. The technology empowers staff to verify coding suggestions quickly and easily through AI-generated justifications and direct quotes and links to underlying charts.

Information that aids staff in understanding and coding the complexity and severity of the patient to help maximize revenue performance and case mix index (CMI). By capturing things that many other solutions don’t, we help make sure you’re not leaving opportunities on the table.

AI-generated confidence level indicators provide full transparency on the comprehensive list of recommended codes. They enable staff to accept certain codes quickly and spend the time addressing codes that may need review.

Our technology is not generic — it’s not one algorithm that every health system shares. AKASA Medical Coding is powered by a large language model (LLM) built specifically for each health system. Your LLM is trained starting from our foundational model, which includes CMS best practices, the latest coding standards, coding guidelines, coding clinics, and health system-specific historical data. We then further fine-tune it on your clinical and financial data to learn your specific nuances. This means your coding is more accurate and comprehensive.

Why AKASA Medical Coding


Capture the patient encounter more holistically with GenAI that sifts through more clinical documents and details than people can.


Maximize coder productivity, leading to reduced DNFC, happier staff, speedier submissions, and less reliance on contract workers and outsourcing.


Implement advanced technology you can actually see and understand, with AI-generated justifications and easily verifiable direct quotes.


Improve CMI, denials, and revenue performance with coding recommendations that track and flag the right codes across the patient record.

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The AKASA Platform

Superpowers for your revenue cycle

Our platform integrates advanced generative AI with our deep revenue cycle expertise. By training our models on clinical and financial data, we’re bringing you accuracy, speed, and completeness. And driving more revenue for your organization.

What codes, quality measures, and revenue opportunities are you missing out on?