Extending The Benefits of the Cloud to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations

Businesses of all sizes and from every industry, including healthcare, have come to understand the benefits of embracing a cloud approach to computing, from immediate access to massive computing power to IT infrastructure costs that scale in alignment with business activity.

While many may assume that the benefits of the cloud stop with the IT department, solutions that build on the cloud can extend these same benefits to other areas of operations such as revenue cycle management.

Join Amy Raymond, Head of Revenue Cycle Operations for AKASA in conversation with Varun Ganapathi, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of AKASA and Dr. Jared Saul, AWS Global Head, Healthcare + Life Sciences Startups and Investors to explore how a cloud-based approach to revenue cycle automation can help healthcare systems create a more resilient and nimble business office.
Key learning:

  1. Why machine learning and cloud computing are essential for resilient and nimble revenue cycle operations.
  2. How cloud-based automation solutions help align financial incentives with the provision of care.
  3. What to look for when considering cloud computing or machine learning tools for your organization.